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Walks & Parks

Settlers Track runs from Bath St under the High Level bridge to the boat ramp in Riverside Park on Dominion Avenue.

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Planting along Dominion Avenue preceded the development of the river-level path. It is on the northern side of the river, and for much of its length the steepness of the bank presented a challenge. The cost of installing the long and complicated stairs down from Bath Street and from Dominion Avenue was shared by Waipa District Council.

The hand-rails and posts have been thoroughly targetted by taggers, though, as usual, their messages are indecipherable and therefore quite pointless.

The easy way in to this track is from the boat ramp near the junction with Karapiro Stream, by Achilles Ave. Toilets and parking are available at the skate park in Dominion Ave. The track is at water level, which provides an intimate view of flora and fauna which thrive in that environment. Mosses, ferns, liverwort, etc. growing out of fallen and water-logged tree-trunks are irresistibly eye-catching. The track occasionally floods in winter, and care should be exercised. There is normally a waterfall at its halfway point (seen to have reduced to a barely visible trickle at the end of the 2008 drought).

This short stretch serves as a handy link between Lake Te Ko Utu and Karapiro Stream. (number 6 on inset map)

This track loops the southern part of the town; it is mostly an easy grade with some steps. For walking, the two most interesting corners of Leamington are its northeast and southwest.

The Townbelt Walkway borders two new subdivisions at the northeast edge of Cambridge. (number 9 on the inset map)

Town Belt Walkway map

The two subdivisions are relatively new, Saffron to the north and Oaklands to the east in this map clipping. They are built just beyond the Green Belt, and two of the legs of the walk shown here follow the outer edge of the Green Belt, one from Watkins Road to the walks' junction here highlighted by the "9", and the other from Thornton Rd to the "9". The third leg of the walk is from further along Watkins Rd, in a northwesterly direction to the "9".

The Soldier's Track runs from under the high level Victoria Bridge to the low level Ferguson Bridge in Shakespeare St.

The mature trees which remain above the walk include impressive specimens of several species. A group of seven magnolias was planted near the southern end of the high-level bridge to commemorate the centenary of its construction ( 1907 - 2007 ).