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The Kauri Grove is located on Shakespeare Street about 100 metres from the junction with SH1.

The Kauri Grove was planted by the Rotary Club of Cambridge to celebrate 50 years of Community service to Cambridge and the district.

There were some 30 trees are in this grove, but several died during the drought in the summer of 2012-13.  As a result, the Waipa District Council is actively managing the plantation. The location is not ideal for kauri, and Cambridge is at their southern limit anyway. Replacement is uncertain.

On the bank below the Kauri Grove fronting on to the Waikato River, two major plantings were done by the Tree Trust in 2002 and 2004. In 2004, over 300 shrubs of all types were planted with much help from Year 9 Cambridge High School science classes. These merge into the Soldiers' Track, as does the Kauri Grove essentially.