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Our expert plant propagator has a glasshouse at home, full of Tree Trust plants, and she would like it back. We therefore bought a glasshouse from Winter Garden, and this 5' 30" video shows it being unpacked and erected at our nursery.

We picked up the two packages from Mainfreight in Te Rapa with our truck, and brought them back to our nursery. The box with the glass in it was too heavy to be so much as moved by 2 men, so it stayed on the truck until Thursday, when we could unload it by unpacking it first. Then Bruce got his team together and building started on the 25th July, a Saturday. The foundations and much of the frame were completed that day, and the rest of it next day, Sunday. There were hiccups along the way. The directions for assembly came in the form of a booklet, but even so it needed Bruce's well-honed trade skills to get put it together.

The next step is to furnish it, and transfer the plants from Joan's glasshouse.

  • Bank account for donations: Kiwibank, 38-9005-0635102-01

The 4-minute video below shows what we can do with your donations. Click the "play" arrow, then the "full screen" box at the bottom right of the  picture and the video will play in high definition.