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Poet's Track could once be accessed from under the (high level) Victoria St. Bridge, but erosion closed that section, and access is now opposite the gymnasium on Pope Terrace, Gill Lumb Park, or Fletcher Place.  It is an easy grade along its length. (number 2 on the inset map).

Poets Track MapA great deal of clearance and replanting has been done below Lumb Park and Fletcher Place. A walkway loop called the Steelway has been formed with a good walking surface off the side of the Poet's Track. Windows have been left in the planted area to give spectacular views of the Waikato river below.

The idea of the loop grew from when the Steel family started clearing the bush below the end of Fletcher Place. Gorse, blackberry, willow, and privet were cleared. Even an old picnic table was found on the river bank, totally covered in black slime as it had been hidden for years.

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