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The Tuesday group consists of volunteers who meet at the nursery and spend about three hours (9 - 12) doing whatever needs to be done, according to the season: potting on, planting out, weeding etc., either at the nursery or, more often, out at any of the walkways or other sites which may be under development or in need of maintenance.

These activities cannot be planned exactly, since any number of people may turn up each week, but there is always something that needs to be done, however many helpers there are. The group offers a wide range of handy skills and experiences which are drawn on as needed. We can all do gardening, but some of us are carpenters, plumbers, etc., bringing some other practical skill which can be made use of as required. We do a couple of hours work, off-site or at the nursery, in one or more groups depending on numbers. A coffee break and a natter session puts the world to rights, before more work and/or general tidying up. More volunteers are always welcome. Just turn up at 89 Thornton Road on a Tuesday morning just before 9am. Meet us, and join in.

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Here is a small gallery of photos showing us at work...

Maintenance in a time of Covid