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Today, 9th June 2022, we went to yet another place I didn't know about- the roadside leading in to St. Kilda suburb, and the cycle path alongside the Expressway embankment.
The trees were planted when I was away, pre-Covid, and needed a bit of TLC. The roadside ones just needed mulch. Local people looked after them well. We estimated 20 bags of it, loaded them on to a truck and proceeded to spread the contents around. We finished half the job, realised we were well out in our estimation and loaded up another 20 bags. If there are any retired quantity surveyors who would like to join us, please do. By the way, the trees are ginkos, the oldest known woody tree species.
The trees by the path were a very different matter. Several had died, and we took them down with our new electric chainsaw. John, who operated it, said we should have got it long ago. It's a beautiful piece of machinery, and much nicer to work beside than the petrol-engined version. We'll be along later to remove the stumps, if we can, and replace the trees. Some, at least, are hazelnuts.