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The idea came from two Cambridge women who made a casual comment to our Chairman, Don Willoughby, that it would be nice to have a loop track around the end of the hill where bluegums had been felled, and leading up to the level ground at the top.

This was a lot harder to do than it looked. The higher ground is very steep, and needed stairs. Water run-off is a problem too. There is a depression at the top which collects a lot of rainwater and sends it down a channel in the soft sandy hillside. It wasn't impossible, though, and provides a nice short walk with views of the lake and some of the countryside. Eventually, when the trees grow, it will be a bush walk. The red lines in the photos are our markers.

By August 2021, the depression mentioned above had been largely filled in by Lakewood's developer. The trees on the opposite side of the fill have grown very well, and the run-off that sent water cascading down the hillside just after our first planting in 2015 has been closed off by the developer's fill. The plants there are large now, and will probably hold firm.

Much to our astonishment, Waipa District Council reversed its initial stance and gave the green light to this project, including all funding. Here are their contractors at work on the lower part of the track in March 2015. The staircase for the higher part is being made.

In early 2016, the steep top pitch of this track was given its own staircase, and is now much easier to climb.


Man proposes, and Nature disposes. She disposed of several tons of sand on to the carpark at the bottom of the gully where we intended to plant flaxes in week or two. Heavy rain all day on the 18th April 2015 collected in the basin at the top of the gully, seeped under the pile of woodchips used as a dam, and washed down the gully. Sand and mulch all ended up in a pile in the carpark. Click here to see photos of the damage.

Despite all this, the track was finished at the end of June 2015, although the top pitch is pretty steep and really should have a staircase. It has already proved popular, and athletes love it. Lots of stairs and a stiff uphill slog.

The steep pitch at the top was replaced by a staircase in 2017. It's still a stiff upohill slog.