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This little park was used for grazing sheep until September 2016, so all we did was plant a few trees there. Now the sheep have gone and Waipa District Council is opening it up for the public to use. It adjoins the Resthaven retirement village, and will be a useful adjunct to their land. Some of it has been planted in daffodils, and those the sheep left have multiplied, though they're a bit scrappy at the moment. There are two good displays though. One inside the roadside fence and one is outside it, by the road.

Arbor Day 1998 marked the planting of Daffodils around the town. With support from Council and Tree Trust Volunteers a number of areas were planted out around town at this time. Hamilton Road on the main approach to Cambridge and the eastern approaches to the town, by the Karapiro Stream Bridge.

Other plantings have been made from time to time, as CTT members go around the town and find a suitable place for bulbs.  There are on-going problems with mowing, but the daffodils seem to survive.

Payne Park's daffodils.

Other photos show the park as it is at 23.9.2016, before work starts on its development.


Cyclone Dovi 

On 13th February, 2022, Cyclone Dovi blew through Cambridge wreaking havoc on the town's trees. Our plantings were not exempt, and here are some photos of the work we did cleaning up the debris. It was well concealed from the road, and escaped the Council contractor's attention. We did the job in less than an hour.

Payne Park clean-up 1. 24.2;.22.jpg

Payne park clean-up 2.jpg

Payne Park clean-up 3. 24.2.22.jpg

Payne Park clean-up 4. 24.2.22.jpg

Payne Park clean-up 5. 24.2.22 (2).jpg

Payne Park clean-up 6. 24.2.22.jpg

Payne Park clean-up 8. 24.2.22.jpg

Payne Park clean-up 9. 24.2.22.jpg





Covid has had an on-going effect on our maintenance program. This group of pictures was taken at Resthaven retirement village on 18.1.22. The photos show before and after, and the enthusiastic growth of the weeds is plain to see. Because of the nature of their clientelle, Resthaven management did not let us on site until this week.


1 DSC00219.jpg

2 DSC00220.jpg


4 DSC00222.jpg


6 DSC00229.jpg

7 DSC00230.jpg

13 DSC00232.jpg

12 DSC00231.jpg11 DSC00227.jpg10 DSC00225.jpg9 DSC00224.jpg

14 DSC00233.jpg

8 DSC00223.jpg

15 DSC00226 .jpg