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Walks & Parks

The Meadow Walk is on the Leamington side of the Waikato River, opposite Lola Silcock Park.


It is intended to be just as its name says, a walk across a meadow, surrounded by trees. Most of them will be natives, but there is room for a fruit grove, along with several fruit trees close to the track so that their fruit may be readily picked in due course, and there will be a patch or two of English trees for autumn colour. The 50 fruit trees marking the Cambridge Lions 50th anniversary have been planted there.

The Cambridge Wetlands are just that- soggy, with free-running water in some places.

Brian Mayo and the teams have been instrumental in constructing many of the tracks shown on this site.

He is the narrator of this video and  a foundation member of the Cambridge Tree Trust. His work with the teams from the Corrections Department is outstanding. He is a first-class plantsman, especially regarding trees.


Dr Seddon's track is described as "Under Development".

It is not suitable for walking.

Be wise! Stay away!

We and the Waipa District Council have our eyes on this track alongside the Karapiro Stream. It starts where the stream joins the Waikato River and goes back from there for a distance which has become uncertain. A start has been made on a track here by the Waipa Disrict Council.

Heavy machinery has been used on this track in the first half of 2012.  The Tree Trust is not privy to the Council's plans for the area, so we await developments.  With Lola Silcock Park to finish, and the Meadow Walk just started, we are in no position to undertake the massive planting and track work required here.

Towards the end of 2012, Council planted 3 000 trees along the Karapiro Stream to replace willows that had been removed.

Some 2 years later, (March 2014) a lot of work has been done, but a lot remains. The track is still not suitable for casual walking.

The Cambridge Tree Trust is active in promoting the planting, and protection of trees and the beautification of the entrances to the Town.

Poet's Track could once be accessed from under the (high level) Victoria St. Bridge, but erosion closed that section, and access is now opposite the gymnasium on Pope Terrace, Gill Lumb Park, or Fletcher Place.  It is an easy grade along its length. (number 2 on the inset map).