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This is an 11- minute video showing us clearing growth along the Waikato River bank and planting low-growing grasses to ensure the view of the river is not obscured. We planted a few trees as well. We spent several sessions doing this, and now we await growth of the plants over the next few years. We chose species that will withstand inundation and river currents. The river can rise several metres above the level shown here, through flooding, and the level varies according to the demand of the 7 hydroelectric generators upstream.

The track that goes past our plantin is the Settlers Track, which starts here and ends in Lola Silcock Park.

  • Bank account for donations: Kiwibank, 38-9005-0635102-01

The 4-minute video below shows what we can do with your donations. Click the "play" arrow, then the "full screen" box at the bottom right of the  picture and the video will play in high definition.