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Daffodils - Cambridge Tree Trust

Beside Hamilton Rd.

Daffodils in Payne Park-Cambridge Tree Trust

Within the park.

Daffodils - Cambridge Tree Trust

Another group on the road verge.

Payne Park-  Cambridge Tree Trust

Daffodils within the park.

Payne Park- Cambridge Tree Trust.

Another groupinside the park.

Payne Park - Cambridge Tree Trust.

Before landscaping and track building.

Payne Park Cambridge Tree Trust

Further in from the road.

Payne Park-  Cambridge Tree Trust

Open ground looking across the river to River Garden subdivision.

Payne Park-  Cambridge Tree Trust.

These were planted several years ago and fenced off from grazing sheep.

Payne Park- magnolia  Cambridge Tree Trust.

Growing in Resthaven retirement village's swale. 

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Covid has had an on-going effect on our maintenance program. This group of pictures was taken at Resthaven retirement village on 18.1.22. The photos show before and after, and the enthusiastic growth of the weeds is plain to see. Because of the nature of their clientelle, Resthaven management did not let us on site until this week.


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15 DSC00226 .jpg