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The Tree Trust emphasises native plants in its projects.

For some detail on the native trees we use, click on the link to the Department of Conservation's  very informative website.

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We are not dogmatic about planting natives, and will happily plant exotics and cultivars where the location calls for them.  For instance, much of Lola Silcock Park is planted in cherries and maples, and there are several fruit trees on the Meadow Walk.  Scattered through various projects, there are citrus and bay trees, and in Ann's Patch there is that lovely autumnal arch of golden elms.

Nevertheless, because of all the seed we gather, and cuttings we propagate, we use more eco-sourced material than might be supposed.

Spring is here and the Daffodils are blooming.

Daffodil Planting


Arbor Day 1998 marked the planting of Daffodils around the town. With support from Council and Tree Trust Volunteers a number of areas were planted out around this time, stsrting with Hamilton Road on the main approach to Cambridge (left) and the eastern approaches to the town, by the Karapiro Stream Bridge.


Other plantings have been made from time to time, as CTT members go around the town and find a suitable place for bulbs. In 2009 a grant of $1000 from the Cambridge Christmas Committee and funds from the Tree Trust, enabled a number of other plantings in town. Over 9000 Bulbs were supplied from Clendon Daffodils in Gordonton.

There are on-going problems with mowing, but the daffodils seem to survive.


Council placed Fenceline signs to indicate the presence of these daffodil beds, but over time they were ignored or fell apart. In 2021 new signs were produced by the Tree Trust it is hoped these will go some way to protecting the beds whilst the daffodils are growing. Our Thanks to “Grumpys signs” for the production of and their contribution to these.

D23 Daffodil sign orginal 2010ish.jpg

D24 Daffs sign Aug '21.jpg


 1. Hamilton Rd/Payne Park

The most extensive display is in the park and on the road verge. Over the years mowing as they grew has knocked them back, it is hoped extra attention in 2021 will bring them back to their original numbers.


 Payne Park central.

D4 Payne Park central. Aug '21.jpg


Payne Park central looking north.

D5 Payne Park central looking North. Aug '21.jpg


Payne Park looking west.

D7 Payne Park looking west 2 Aug '21.jpg


Payne Park looking north.

D6 Payne Park looking North Aug '21.jpg


Payne Park western edge.

D9 Payne Park western edge Aug '21.jpg


Payne Park road verge looking east.

D8 Payne Park road verge 3 looking east.jpg


2 Albert St and Achilles Ave, and Albert St and Duke St.  


Duke and Albert Streets.

D3 Daffs Duke and Albert St Aug '21A.jpg


Duke and Albert Streets

D1 Daffs Albert St and Achilles Ave Aug '21.jpg


Achilles Ave and Albert St. 

D1 Daffs Albert St and Achilles Ave Aug '21.jpg


3 On the corner of Pope Terrace and Victoria Street , by the high level bridge and 

the horse trough.

D11 Pope Tce and Victoria St by high level bridge.jpg

D10 Pope Tce and Victoria  St looking east.jpg


Looking  west towards the high-level bridge and east, towards the Shakespeare St roundabout.                                                          


4 On the corner of Carlyle and Wordsworth St to opposite 115A Wordsworth St. 


D13 Daffs Wordsworth Carlyle St Aug '21.jpgD12 Wordsworth and Carlyle looking east Aug '21.jpg


5 Lamb st and Rowling place.


D15 Daffs Lamb St and Rowling Pl Aug '21 v2.jpgD14 Daffs Lamb St and Rowling Pl Aug '21.jpg


6 Lamb Street and Grace Ave.


D17 Lamb St and Grace Ave looking east. Aug '21.jpgD16 Lamb St and Grace Ave Aug '21.jpg


7 Lamb St (opposite Leamington Primary School)

Looking west

D22 Lamb St Leamington Primary looking west, Aug '21.jpg

Looking south

D21 Lamb St Leamington Primary looking south. Aug '21.jpg

Looking east

D20 Lamb St Leamington Primary looking east. v2.jpg


8 Corner of Lamb St and Rotoorangi Road.  

 D19 Lamb St and Rotorangi Rd looking west Aug '21.jpgD18 Lamb St and Rotorangi Rd Aug '21.jpg