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13th November 2020


2020, WHAT A YEAR! Massive COVID-19 disruption, rapid membership growth, major planting projects and accordingly more maintenance commitments. Our normal autumnal planting program was severely curtailed by the COVID-19 lockdown, as a result boredom led to much creative individual activity, leading to our building upgrade and new layout in the nursery shed. Paramount to our need was to remove the potting mix from our” morning tea” zone, which has led to the very impressive “McCombs Rooms’ structure. Who would have thought that our potting mix zone could be rapidly consumed by morning tea tables.

Individuals desperate for action prompted the start of our new Swale project, a large area (adjacent to the motorway) enabling excellent social distancing while planting which, along with maintenance work, required on site morning teas, a hark back to the past when morning teas were taken in the field. COVID-19 and Lockdown could not deter the enthusiasm and exuberance of our members, WELL DONE TO YOU ALL.

Highlights of the Year:

• Completion of the Shed upgrade

• New Glasshouse (funded by the Frances Skeet Trust)

• Park seating (Maples and Oaks installed • McCombs Rooms (Potting Mix stowage).

• Karapiro planting project completed, (around the Canoe Center).

• Meadow walk 1 replanting.

• New Swale extension started.

• Pump Park (Camellia and shade Trees planted).

• Leamington Cemetery Camellia planting

• Thursday Group guffawing!

• Upgrade of Website and implementation of Facebook presence.

• Nursery Production. New Year Projects:

• Waikato River (Settlers Track) Plantings.

• Swale Extension plantings (800m long)

• Pump Park stage 2.

• Waipuke Park

Our cordial relationship with the Waipa District Council Parks and Reserve Team is ensuring ongoing planting schemes, which enables forward planning for the nursery team. A huge thank you to all our members for your selfless enthusiasm and commitment to Tree Trust (even wet days musters are massive). Our sound financial situation reflects the generosity of our community and enables us to continue with all our planned projects. Special thanks to our hard-working committee and planting team, who have led the way to a very satisfying and successful year.

Many thanks to you all.

Eric Todd



  • Bank account for donations: Kiwibank, 38-9005-0635102-01

The 4-minute video below shows what we can do with your donations. Click the "play" arrow, then the "full screen" box at the bottom right of the  picture and the video will play in high definition.